We also offer our services to companies or individuals in need. We have an expert team handpicked from the industry to give you state of the art and first hand information on whatever you are looking for.


We provide anything from Design Things to Bootcamps and/or Agile Development trainings to individuals or companies seeking to learn something extra.


We organize different events in the eco-sphere of the tech community to bring new ideas and serve a cause.

Students Programs

We provide mentorship sessions to young school goes as well as corporate giants for technological ideas that they might need to succeed. (Students/Startups)


We work on different platforms to provide an effective working environment for all of our partners and the entire Tech community in extension. The goal is to make a sustainable ecosystem for the tech community and young aspiring enthusiasts.

2. Community

While the tech community in Nepal is still growing and diverse, the need of the hour still remains the constant connection between people who share the same zeal and ideas. That’s why we partner with local communities to organize Meet Ups for other tech-heads like us and give everyone a safe space and a playground with expensive toys.

1. Corporate

We organize and facilitate National and International Seminars for the community. This along with conferences both on local and global level, brings around new talents and scope for growth for the talents. We have successfully completed quite a few programs.

3. Education

In order to bring forth the next generation of techhies (or tech heads or tech enthusiasts, choose your own), we partner with schools and colleges to organize career expositions, trainings and mentorship sessions. Because you never know where you will meet the next Gates or Zuckerberg.

Take your next step and write to us so you too can smell of coffee and dream big!


Let's work together

We are very much willing to work with you. If you have an idea to share or are looking to partner with us, just drop a line at [email protected].