About Us

We are a bunch of eccentric tech-lovers.

Long back, we aspired to reach heights that was just a dream in Nepalese Tech market, but here we are now. We have been in the industry long enough to identify trends and fads while keeping the core excitement of the community alive inside of us. We still smell of coffee and dream of super computers but now we dream on a bigger scale.

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At Namaste Kathmandu, we believe in stories. Each individual or a company has a story to tell. Regardless how long or short, their experiences matter. We believe in catering to that exact experience and story and document it for others to see. Your brand value and recognition for the world to see.

We work on different platforms to provide an effective working environment for all of our partners and the entire Tech community in extension. The goal is to make a sustainable ecosystem for the tech community and young aspiring enthusiasts.

We provide our services through different training and bootcamps for our partners and our affiliates. The trainings can range from business development to skills enhancements. All to make sure that our community is equally capable to do great things together.

Our services aren’t just limited to business houses or next-door-techie , we also cater to educational institutions to make sure that the future industry leaders are well trained from the ground up. We want to make sure the roots are well attended to before we focus on the stem.

A lot of stories are made every second of the day. Yours could be next!


Let's work together

We are very much willing to work with you. If you have an idea to share or are looking to partner with us, just drop a line at [email protected].